Das Fröhliche Wohnzimmer:
All Noises Can't Be Refused By Ears & Heads (1985)
Foolish Drunken Vol.1 & Vol.2 (1986)
This Little World (1987)
Oh Shit, Sometimes I'm Happy (1988/89)
Human Race Single, Dedicated To Kevin Coyne (1990)
King Kong E.P. (1990)
Welcome To The System, MaxiSingle (1990)
Who Is Afraid Of Music? (1990)
Child Single (1990)
Four Mice On A Cold Cellar Floor, Instrumental (1991)
Rocky Romeo E.P. (1991)
Experimental Child, Live E.P. (1992)
Get Smart (1992)
Up A Daisy... Be A Flop (1992)
My Everyday Secret (1993)
Red Yellow And Blue E.P. (1993)